Tom Hardy Teases Spider-Man Vs. Venom Again With New Photo

venom Tom Hardy

The knock-on effect created by the Coronavirus pandemic has turned the release schedule for the rest of the year into a barren wasteland, with 2021 shaping up to be one of the most stacked in history for blockbuster movies. The global crisis has affected everything from $200 million studio films to low-budget indies, and has had a major impact on the comic book genre, with both the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Sony’s catchily-named Sony Pictures Universe of Marvel Characters being forced into pushing their projects back by months.

Almost as soon as Venom: Let There Be Carnage was given an official and suitably wacky subtitle, the sequel was moved eight months to next July from the originally planned October date. While fans aren’t happy that they have to wait even longer to see Tom Hardy’s bizarrely sweaty Eddie Brock and Woody Harrelson devouring the scenery as Kletus Kasady and his shiny new hairdo, they’ll still be able to get their kicks when Hardy dips into his arsenal of strange accents for forgotten man Josh Trank’s crime biopic Capone.

In any case, as you may’ve seen, the English actor recently posted a photo to his Instagram account that showed Venom chowing down on his arch-nemesis Spider-Man, presumably to demonstrate what’s going to happen when the two cross paths in the future. Although he ultimately deleted the image minutes after posting it, he’s now at it again, and this time he’s opted for a photo of much higher resolution, which you can check out below.

Once again, the post has already been removed from his account, but we all know nothing ever really gets deleted off the internet. Hardy knows exactly what he’s doing by continually teasing Spider-Man’s involvement in the Venom franchise as well, and when the two iconic characters finally meet on the big screen, let’s hope it isn’t as one-sided as he clearly wants it to be.