Tom Holland says he’ll step down as Spider-Man when the time is right

Tom Holland recently echoed sentiments made by on and offscreen mentor Robert Downey Jr. when he admitted that he doesn’t want to be playing the role of Spider-Man once he reaches 30. That’s understandable when he’ll have been suiting up for over a decade at that point, but there’s also the small matter of Sony teasing another trilogy.

Provided the franchise sticks to the two-year intervals that separated Homecoming, Far From Home and No Way Home, the actor would be 31 by the time a hypothetical sixth solo movie arrived in theaters. Of course, money speaks louder than anything else in Hollywood, so a fat pile of cash would no doubt convince him to break his word.

However, the star did admit to the Associated Press that he’ll step down as the wall-crawling superhero when the time is right, because he wants to do what’s best for both his fans and the character as a whole.

“Maybe. We’ll see. I love this character more than anything. This character has changed my life. I have a relationship with my fans that is so wonderful and I couldn’t ask for it to be any better, but I want to do what’s best for the character. If it’s time for me to step down and the next person to step up, I’ll do so proudly.”

That’s admirable, because the last thing we want to see is Holland creeping closer to 40 and still suiting up as the iconic superhero, because all good things must come to an end lest they overstay their welcome. Whether it’s another reboot or a direct replacement like Miles Morales that follows his tenure, we can rest safe in the knowledge that he’ll hang up the spandex and retire as Spider-Man with his head held high.