Twitter roasts Gal Gadot for claiming her Cleopatra will be ‘sexy’ and ‘smart’

Twitter is roasting Gal Gadot for claiming that her 'Cleopatra' movie will portray the Egyptian queen as "sexy" and "smart."

Remember when everybody liked Gal Gadot off the back of the success of Wonder Woman? Well, 2021 really did a number on the DCEU star’s reputation as a series of controversies of varying levels of seriousness, turned the Israeli actress into something of a social media punching bag. Now, Gadot is trending on Twitter yet again as her comments about her upcoming Cleopatra movie are being torn to shreds.

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With this new take on the life of the ancient Egyptian queen gaining steam, Gadot has promised that her portrayal of Cleo will be “sexy” and “smart”, a choice of words that’s resulted in the star getting roasted. Given that Cleopatra is widely depicted in popular culture as being beautiful and cunning, Gadot seems to be suggesting that her movie will offer… pretty much exactly what we’ve already seen in every other biopic about her.

Where’s the love for an ugly, idiotic Cleopatra?

Folks can’t wait for this bold, revisionist take.

History buffs would genuinely be interested in seeing a less-conventionally attractive Cleopatra portrayed on screen as, despite her reputation, much evidence suggests her reputation for legendary beauty is false.


We could actually do with a deconstruction of the Cleopatra legend, but it looks like this one won’t be it.


Other people just don’t want Gal Gadot in the film, period. Whether due to claims of cultural appropriation (the real Cleo was Macedonian) or due to personal dislike.

Some are simply recommending folks check out the definitive Cleopatra movie, starring Elizabeth Taylor, which is on Disney Plus in many territories.


Cleopatra was supposed to reunite Gadot with her Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins, but The Falcon and the Winter Soldier‘s Kari Skogland recently stepped in to replace her. Instead, the duo will next work together on Wonder Woman 3, which is currently being scripted. Gal Gadot will soon be seen in the long-delayed murder mystery flick Death on the Nile, opening Feb. 11.

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