The Walking Dead Star Also Being Eyed For Galactus In The MCU


Fans are looking forward to seeing how Marvel Studios tackles the Fantastic Four now that they’ve got the rights back from Fox. However, the First Family themselves aren’t the only exciting characters who can finally join the MCU. There are all their major foes, too, including Doctor Doom, Kang the Conqueror and Galactus. In fact, the Planet-Eater, in particular, could be a perfect fit for the role of franchise’s latest big threat.

And, according to our sources, Marvel may already be looking at actors to play him. We Got This Covered has been informed by a few industry insiders – the same ones who told us Ewan McGregor was returning as Obi-Wan and that Moon Knight was coming to the MCU, long before those two things were made official – that The Walking Dead star David Morrisey is one of those on the wishlist to play Galactus. At this point, it’s unclear if he’s actually been approached, but we do know his name’s being discussed internally. The same goes for Liam Neeson and Mark Strong, who are also on the wishlist.

We should mention that back in June, multiple sources started linking Morrisey to a key MCU role in Phase 4, likely a villain who had the potential to appear across several films. One report that he was in the running for Norman Osborn and while this may have been true, obviously it can’t happen anymore due to the Sony/Disney split removing Spider-Man from the franchise. So, it seems Morrisey could end up playing Galactus instead. But again, he’s just one of many names on the list at present.

You’ll no doubt recall that Galactus previously made his cinematic debut in 2007’s Fantastic Four: Rise of Silver Surfer, in which the uber-villain was infamously portrayed as a big cloud in space. This was apparently done to hold back the reveal of his full form for a Silver Surfer solo movie that never happened. You can bet though that Marvel will fix Fox’s mistake and do him right this time. And, going by these three actors they’re eyeing, it seems they’re looking for someone with real gravitas to bring him to life.