WB Reportedly Wants To Do A Batman/Superman Team-Up Movie

The Batman

At this stage, all we know about the long term plans for the DCEU is that fans should be expecting the unexpected. After all, the last several months have brought a wave of announcements that would have sounded impossible this time last year. A lot of folks thought that the Snyder Cut would never even happen, and now there are reshoots taking place that have added Jared Leto’s Joker to the cast, while Michael Keaton is poised to suit up as the Dark Knight for the first time in 30 years when The Flash arrives in 2022.

Throughout all of this, Matt Reeves’ The Batman has often been left out of the speculation, because Warner Bros. have confirmed that the Caped Crusader’s latest reboot isn’t part of the main DCEU timeline like Justice League and The Flash are, and will tell a standalone story that isn’t connected to the rest of the shared universe.

However, set photos that showed extras dressed as Superman and Wonder Woman would indicate that these superheroes exist somewhere in the sandbox that Reeves is playing in, meaning that it isn’t outside the realm of possibility that the other two thirds of DC’s Holy Trinity could cross paths with Robert Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne somewhere down the line. In fact, tipster Mikey Sutton is now claiming as much, saying that the studio are interested in having Batman and Superman share the screen once more, hopefully with less talk of Martha this time around.

“Warner Bros.’ parent company, A&T, fueled by the Rock’s passion for a cinematic universe, wants to see a Pattinson/Cavill team-up,” he said. “Not fighting one another, but partnering like in the comic books going back to the Golden Age.”

Of course, we’d advise taking all this with a grain of salt for now, but a World’s Finest adaptation is looking a lot more likely than another Batman V Superman at this point, while the multiverse would make it easy to explain why Henry Cavill hasn’t noticed that the Caped Crusader appears very different from the last time he saw him.