Watch: Deku Battles Rody In New My Hero Academia World Heroes’ Mission Clip

Hold onto your hats My Hero Academia fans because we just got a chance to see a bit of World HeroesMission before it premieres in the US! An exclusive clip was released that shows Deku taking on Rody in the new film. You can give it a look above.

While the first trailer for the movie simply showed Rody running away from Deku, now we have greater context for the scene and have a better idea of how he might go from being a minor antagonist to supporting the protagonists going forward.

This new clip comes fresh off the heels of the My Hero Academia World Heroes’ Mission red carpet event where we got to see interviews with voice actors for the film, fans, and more. One of the best parts of the event, however, was that fans were also treated to an 8-minute preview of the movie. If you’re not afraid of spoilers, you can also check out that clip below courtesy of Funimation.

We do have a few other details about the film before the release. Jeremy Kraatz, who worked on the English scripts of past My Hero Academia seasons and films, revealed that the movie has an important post-pandemic message during a panel at New York Comic Con.

”As far as a message, there’s a moment where Ochako says ‘I’m not going to give up because Deku wouldn’t give up.’ Which is such an Ochako thing to say. And like we were talking about, its been a rough couple of years and that is such an important message from the series as whole: not giving up, trusting your friends, being the hero who you can be even if it’s not a super hero.”

We already know the film dominated theaters in Japan so make sure to get your tickets for My Hero Academia World Heroes’ Mission tos ee it in theaters now.