Watch: New Justice League Promo Puts The Spotlight On The Flash

Justice League

Now that we’re about a week and a half away from its long-awaited release, hype for Zack Snyder’s Justice League is at fever pitch, especially as we’re getting a promo every day. Recently, a new series of teaser trailers has begun showcasing a different member of the League each time. We’ve previously seen ones for Batman, Superman and Aquaman, and now it’s the Flash’s turn in the spotlight.

In this minute-long trailer, we get a hint at the role Ezra Miller’s Scarlet Speedster will play in the movie, with the promo giving us a taste of all the new screen time for the character that’s coming our way. It even reveals the scene where Barry Allen rescues Kiersey Clemons’ Iris West from a car crash, something DC fans have been wanting to see in action for years now.

We also get a hint at Barry’s time-travelling abilities. “Make your own future, make your own past,” the speedster is heard to say. “It’s all right now,” he adds, before zooming off into the Speed Force. Remember, Barry will prove key to the film’s Knightmare timeline subplot, which was set up in Batman v Superman and will see the heroes battling a corrupted Superman in a Darkseid-controlled future.

Barry’s knack for time travel will likewise come into play in a big way in his own solo movie, which will loosely adapt Flashpoint. Billy Crudup has been confirmed to reprise his role as Allen Sr., but it’s currently unclear whether Clemons will be back as Iris or not. Hopefully she is, though, as the dramatic first meeting depicted in this promo would be a great start to their story.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League finally drops on HBO Max in the US – specific details on its international release are incoming – on Thursday, March 18th. Don’t miss it.