WB Reportedly Planning Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice Remake


As one of the most highly-anticipated movies in history, there was no way that Zack Snyder’s Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice could have possibly lived up to everybody’s expectations, but at the same time, Warner Bros. could have never expected the disappointment and apathy that many fans and critics greeted it with.

Seeing the two titans of DC Comics duke it out on the big screen had been a dream project for years, but when it finally reached cinemas, they only battled each other for about three minutes, with the movie seemingly more preoccupied with building towards the rest of the DCEU with an overload of exposition, world-building and hastily-assembled mythology.

Batman V Superman looked like such a guaranteed slam dunk that a box office total of almost $875 million was viewed as a disappointment for something that should have easily sailed past the billion dollar mark. And now, just four years later, we find the entire DCEU quietly rebooting in an effort to distance itself from the Snyder era.

We’ve reported previously that Warner Bros. expect Robert Pattinson’s Batman to become a key part of the shared universe, something that Matt Reeves isn’t too keen on, and now we’ve heard that the studio are already planning on having the Dark Knight and Superman face off on the big screen again.

According to our sources – the same ones who told us Green Lantern and Justice League Dark shows are coming to HBO Max, which we now know to be true – once Pattinson’s Caped Crusader is fully established and they eventually put Henry Cavill out of his misery and recast the Man of Steel, the plan for the new and improved DCEU a few years down the line will be a thinly-veiled Dawn of Justice remake, which most likely won’t be called Batman V Superman for obvious reasons.

That being said, it’ll still feature the two iconic heroes squaring off. Specific plot details remain unclear at this stage, given that this wouldn’t happen for a while yet, but we’re told that Warner Bros. definitely wants to do another Batman vs. Superman-type movie at some point, once they’ve established the new versions of both heroes.

Given how strong the #ReleaseTheSnyderCut movement remains three years on, as well as the recent live-streaming event that celebrated Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice‘s fourth anniversary, this would no doubt send the fanbase into total meltdown. But it seems that the studio is truly doing everything they can to pretend the Snyder era never happened and we can only hope that their new takes on the iconic characters find more success than what came before.