When does ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ start streaming on Disney Plus?

By Keane Eacobellis

Spider-Man: No Way Home is setting and breaking records across the film industry, making fans feel all of the emotions as they pile into theaters to see what’s next for Peter Parker. The film is performing incredibly well at the box office, but seeing as it was such a highly anticipated film, it’s not a massive surprise that fans can’t stop singing its praises.

No Way Home made its theatrical debut this month, so it’s not going to jump to streaming platforms overnight, but fans are beginning to wonder when they’ll be able to see the movie at home. While several other Spider-Man films are available across various platforms, fans are itching to see the newest installment and find out what exactly happens in the film wowing audiences everywhere.

When does Spider-Man No Way Home start streaming on Disney Plus?

As The Direct shares, there’s a formula to getting Spider-Man: No Way Home to Disney Plus, and they gave fans some insight into how it’s going to reach the platform. That formula sees Spidey going to a Pay 1 window with Starz before heading to Disney Plus. Here’s what the outlet says about that step.

“2021 is the final year of Sony Pictures’ Pay 1 partnership with Starz…That Pay 1 window, also known as 1st Pay, gives the streaming partner exclusive streaming rights to a film immediately following its standard video-on-demand window.”

Spider-Man: No Way Home is going to hit Starz as a pay-to-watch option before heading to Disney Plus, and both of those steps are going to happen after the VOD window ends for our favorite web-slinging hero.

So how long will No Way Home stay on Starz before heading to Disney Plus? The Direct shares that the “industry standard” for the Pay 1 window is 18 months, which means No Way Home can run for over a year on Starz, making Disney Plus its home in the latter half of 2023 if it heads to Starz in early 2022.

It looks like Disney Plus won’t be seeing Spider-Man: No Way Home for a little while, then, but there are always extenuating factors that could go into the equation. No one knows right now, but the estimates are based on Parker’s latest adventure following the path of former films. For fans not wanting to wait until a Disney Plus release, the VOD and Starz options seem to be in a much closer date range.

Have you seen Spider-Man No Way Home yet? Are you waiting to see the film at home? Let’s talk about it.