Where can I watch ‘The Basketball Diaries?’

The Basketball Diaries

You’ve probably seen plenty of Leonardo DiCaprio over the past two decades, but before he became the global superstar he is today, he was a part of the beloved ’90s adaptation of The Basketball Diaries.

Based on American author, poet, and musician Jim Carroll’s autobiography of the same name, the film launched to critical and fan praise, tackling the issue of addiction as high school basketball prospect Jim Carroll struggles with his life and quickly loses his chance at stardom for a life on the streets.

If you’re a big Leo fan and haven’t yet seen this film, then you’ll probably want to check it out, as it was a telling sign that the young actor had a bright future ahead of him. Thanks to streaming, home viewings are often the way to go these days, especially in the age of COVID-19. Unfortunately, with this film in particular, you’ll stumble upon a few hurdles if you try to watch it online.

Where can I watch The Basketball Diaries?

Right now, there is no streaming service in the U.S. where you can catch The Basketball Diaries. It is likewise not available via digital outlets to purchase or rent.

With this being the case, you’ll likely need to find a physical copy of the movie in order to watch it, as it doesn’t seem to be available digitally in other regions, either. One place many people don’t think of but which might prove fruitful is your local library. Even if the film is not available there now, another library might be able to loan it to you.

While the film’s lack of presence online is sad news for now, there’s always a chance that The Basketball Diaries will be added to streaming services in the future. This article will be updated to reflect where you can watch it if and when that becomes the case.