Who should play Wolverine in the MCU? We’ve got some ideas.


With the X-Men joining the MCU shortly, fans want to know who could stand a chance at playing Wolverine. While there is no definite release window for the mutants to appear, both Kevin Feige and Disney have said that it is not far off, which leaves fans wondering who is going to play their favorite characters. 

In the original X-Men trilogy, Logan was played by Aussie Hugh Jackman. Now the reboot is on the way it’s time we introduce our top 5 actors to play the rebooted Wolverine.

5. Charlie Hunnam


From Sons of Anarchy and Pacific Rim, Charlie Hunnam has shown himself to be a talented actor versed across many genres including television, independent film, and blockbusters. With his perfect angst, swagger, and easy looks, Hunnam would definitely be a clear choice for Wolverine. In fact, some recent fan art perfectly depicts him as the clawed mutant.

4. Henry Cavill

henry cavill mission impossible

Yes he is Superman, and yes he could possibly play Captain Britain, but should the MCU ever look to cast him as Wolverine then we know he can grow a great beard and throw an even better punch. And with Superman rumored to be recast in the DCEU, perhaps Cavill might find his way over to the MCU sooner rather than later.

3. Scott Eastwood

Scott is probably more known as the son of legendary Clint Eastwood, but he has already set his mark on Hollywood and is fast becoming a leading man. Could the somewhat unknown actor make his big mark as Wolverine? Well, fans seem to think so, as fan art of the actor as Logan has already begun making the rounds and we have to say, we aren’t mad about it.

2. Taron Egerton

A somewhat still unknown actor that has built quite a resume under his belt at only 32 years old, from his nominated performance for Rocketman to his well-known role in Kingsman, Egerton’s youthfulness could bring a fresh take on Wolverine, and by doing so could reestablish his origin story. Plus he has expressed interest in playing Wolverine should the role ever be recast.

1. Keanu Reeves

Does Keanu even need an introduction? Everyone loves him, and everyone knows he is an action king that will also bring the acting chops. Reeves’s talent could bring forth a new side of the character that fans have not seen yet and Keanu is Canadian, just like Wolverine, so it isn’t much of a stretch, especially since the John Wick actor has previously expressed interest in joining the MCU and playing Logan.

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