Why Tom Holland should be the next James Bond

As we all know by now, the search for the new James Bond is well underway, and it just so happens that Tom Holland is beginning his wrap on Peter Parker after filming Spider-Man: No Way Home, which comes out in mere weeks. We also know that Holland is famous for spilling secrets. Could the MCU be losing its greatest Spider-Man to the Bond franchise?

Well, his co-star has said that Holland does not stop talking about becoming James Bond, and we know that Holland is definitely interested, as the 24-year-old was interviewed by Mark Wright on Heart Radio and expressed his desire to suit up.

“Oh mate, it would be an actual dream come true. I’ve got to remind myself that I’m lucky enough as it is.”

Tom Holland

As it stands, Holland is no stranger to franchises, most notably that of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He’s also about to step into the shoes of another well-known character: the treasure hunter known as Nathan Drake in 2022’s Uncharted. It will be a new direction for the English-born actor, as he shows the world that he is more than just a teenage boy in a red suit swinging from building to building. The new film will also give him the opportunity to wield more weapons and perform many more stunts that could easily prepare him for the next Bond film.

While there are many other notable actors being optioned for the role of Bond, Holland has one thing the others don’t: his youth. Being in his early twenties, Holland would be able to offer a very different take on Bond than any other actor who has previously played the role. Holland even told Mark Wright that he’s up to playing a younger version of the character.

“Spider-Man is an absolute delight and privlege to play. But you know, should they want to do a younger James Bond you best believe I would be there.”

The Devil All The time Tom Holland

Whatever the choice, Holland is definitely set for the next few years between his commitments to the MCU and Uncharted. The former has just announced a new Spider-Man trilogy and the latter is bound to be a success when released on Feb. 18, 2022.

“I really don’t know what the future holds, so I am just savoring every moment, as it could potentially be the last,” says Holland.

One thing is certain: when the time comes for the next Bond to be cast, Holland is ready. He has the skills, looks damn good in a tux, and most of all wants the chance to take on one of the most iconic characters in all of cinema.

Perhaps it’s time for Holland to retire the webs and pick up the martini. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.