‘Wonder Woman’ star Lynda Carter continues her campaign to replace Hugh Jackman as Ryan Reynolds’ #1 troll

lynda carter wonder woman
via ABC

He might be a hugely popular, extremely successful, and vastly wealthy actor, producer, soccer team owner, marketing executive, gin magnate, and cell phone company shareholder that’s struck many major business deals that total billions of dollars, but even Ryan Reynolds isn’t safe from being trolled online.

Of course, the number one culprit is his ultimate frenemy Hugh Jackman, with the duo always making sure they go out of their way to fire shots at each other whenever the opportunity presents itself. However, the returning Wolverine has some serious competition in that department after Wonder Woman star Lynda Carter continued her merciless mockery of Reynolds.

For some backstory, the two appeared together in 1996 made-for-TV movie When Friendship Kills, which is apparently enough to serve as the basis for Carter to ensure she poked fun at her former colleague as much as humanly possible. We’re not sure how it all began, but the lasso-wielding legend hasn’t been shy in weaponizing the internet to get her point across.

hugh jackman ryan reynolds
via Ryan Reynolds/YouTube

Carter has been back at it again, too, with the news of Reynolds’ Mint Mobile striking an eye-watering deal with telecom giant T-Mobile capturing her attention, where she couldn’t resist making her latest dig.

Did we ever envision a world where Lynda Carter would be challenging Hugh Jackman for the position of being Ryan Reynolds’ number one troll? No, we did not. Does that mean we aren’t completely on board to see where it goes next? Also no. Knowing how his mind tends to operate, let’s hope that she ends up dropping by for a Deadpool 3 cameo to go with her Wonder Woman 1984 return that isn’t looking as though it’s going to wind up leading anywhere.