Army Of The Dead Reportedly Getting A Sequel At Netflix

Army of the Dead
Image via Netflix

Zack Snyder is riding a wave of massive buzz and momentum thanks to his brand new version of Justice League, which has left critics much more impressed than they were the last time they had to sit through the movie, while the fans have reacted in exactly the way you’d expect them to seeing as they’ve waited almost three and a half years for it to become a reality.

Despite the filmmaker repeatedly making it clear that Warner Bros. have no interest in a Justice League sequel, and he views it as his final stab at the DCEU, the multiple cliffhangers and positive responses from all corners mean that the chatter isn’t going to go anywhere for a long time yet. However, those craving more Snyder content don’t have to wait too long, with Netflix’s zombie actioner Army of the Dead arriving in just over two months.

The streaming service already has major plans in store to launch a sprawling mythology, with a prequel shot, finished and awaiting release, while an animated series is also in the works with Snyder executive producing. Not only that, but a new rumor claims that an Army of the Dead sequel is in early development at Netflix, too, which wouldn’t come as much of a surprise.

After all, Snyder is riding higher than he has been for years thanks to Justice League, and a combination of audience goodwill to his DCEU blockbuster mixed with a high concept zombie heist thriller will surely translate into massive viewership numbers when Army of the Dead premieres on Netflix. That being said, there’s been so much speculation surrounding the director’s potential future plans that we’re best waiting to hear from the man himself about what his next project is going to be before jumping to any conclusions.