What So Not Remixes The Theme From Stranger Things

what so not

Netflix’s surprise hit series Stranger Things has been popping up everywhere over the last few months, gaining support from electronic music fans due to its 80’s styled synth driven score by Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein. We’ve already heard deadmau5 drop a rendition of the show’s theme song during a live stream a few weeks back, and now a video clip has surfaced of What So Not remixing the hauntingly familiar synth arpeggios during a recent DJ gig.

In the short video clip, we can hear the instantly recognizable synth melody take over, before What So Not mixes in his trademark brand of clanking rhythms and massive chords alongside the theme’s creeping soundscapes.

What So Not’s Stranger Things remix comes during a creative stint for the Aussie producer, who recently dropped his new EP Divide & Conquer, his first official release following the departure of Flume from the project. He’s also recently debuted his new collaboration with Skrillex and RL Grime, a tune we’ll be waiting on with bated breath.

We’re guessing What So Not‘s Stranger Things remix was just for fun, but we wouldn’t mind seeing it receive an official release at some point.