‘Agatha: Coven of Chaos’ is set to start filming in December

Agatha Harkness from WandaVision
Image via Marvel

One of the baddest witches in town is heading back to our screens! That’s right, Agatha Harkness is returning in Disney Plus’s Agatha: Coven of Chaos and production is starting soon. Kathryn Hahn will be returning to the role with her character finally taking center stage after she became one of WandaVision‘s runaway stars.

The show is currently in pre-production and according to the Film & Television Industry Alliance website, productionlist.com shooting will commence on Dec. 5 in Atlanta, Georgia. The series is a spinoff and a sequel to the widely successful WandaVision which saw Wanda Maximoff discover her true powers thanks to Agatha revealing her to be the Scarlet Witch, a witch with the ability to control chaos magic.

Agatha also revealed herself to be an extraordinarily powerful witch thanks to her use of dark magic and sought to take Wanda’s powers away from her. Of course, she failed and was left in Westview, brainwashed into believing herself to be the suburban housewife, Agnes, so that Wanda always knows where to find her. Kathryn Hahn is thrilled to be back in the role saying, “It’s nothing I could have ever dreamed of.”

It isn’t fully known where the story, which is being described as a “dark comedy”, will pick up from yet, as Agatha has lived for hundreds of years and the series could potentially delve into her past a little more. However, with the addition of Emma Caulfield who played Sarah Proctor, or Dottie Jones as she was known in the Hex, to the cast, we may focus more on Agatha post-WandaVision.

It could even come about after the events of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, which saw Wanda delve into darkness herself before she collapsed her tower with herself entombed inside. Though many believe it is highly unlikely that the character is dead, it perhaps could be the catalyst that allows Agatha to escape the spell placed upon her.

It will be interesting to see what Marvel Studios do with the character as she is usually only a side character and has never had any solo comic book outings. This means that writer Jac Schaeffer, the head writer for WandaVision and returning for Agatha: Coven of Chaos, has a lot more leeway than perhaps other shows may have as she doesn’t have to adhere to a comic book story too strongly.

Kevin Feige announced that Agatha: Coven of Chaos should be set to arrive on Disney Plus in the winter of 2023/2024.