Behold Ryan Gosling’s Ken doll scream in footage from ‘Barbie’ set

Ryan Gosling
Photo by Shannon Finney/Getty Images

Warner Bros. is bringing the fantastically plastic world of Barbie to life in the upcoming summer hit of 2023, Barbie. The film stars Margot Robbie as the titular character alongside Ryan Gosling as her handsome counterpart, Ken.

Principal photography is underway now, and we’ve seen the dazzling duo rocking bright pinks, western wear, and now their uber fashionable 90s neon skate gear

The pair are donning the latter when a passerby sees Barbie at the beach and makes the instantly-regrettable decision to grope her.

The instant regret comes for the stranger as Barbie turns around to knock him out, and instead of jumping at her rescue, we hear Gosling’s Ken react in a tragic and totally fitting way. He simply screams — and it’s a theatrical one.

The scream is so iconic that it quickly became a topic of conversation on social media.

After the scream, Barbie and Ken hold onto each other while trembling at the lack of concern and personal space — and because, let’s face it, Barbie just punched a guy in the face!

Fans are reacting to the moment exactly as you’d hope — some of them are worried about Gosling’s throat after that.

Did Gosling study for this exact moment? It appears so!

This fan says that dedicated fans have heard Gosling’s iconic scream before, and he’s continuing to share its greatness with all of us.

Fans are confused that the clip is showing up in the horror tag, but it makes sense — Scream is often related to the Ghostface killer. Speaking of Ghostface and Gosling, can we get the man in the next Scream movie, even as a cameo?

You’ll have to wait for a little over a year to see Gosling and Robbie as Ken and Barbie, but it’ll be worth it — especially if we get more moments like this one. Barbie hits theaters on July 21, 2023.