Following Quinta Brunson controversy, Jimmy Kimmel finally learns the fate of his talk show

Jimmy Kimmel

We now know the fate of Jimmy Kimmel‘s talk show, Jimmy Kimmel Live!, as the comedian approaches the expiration of his contract.

Last week, Kimmel caused ire with an Emmy sketch where he pretended to be passed out drunk when he was supposed to present an award. He then controversially stayed on the floor as the winner of that award, Quinta Brunson, was forced to give her speech over Kimmel, practically having to step over him.

No one would’ve blamed Brunson if she stepped on him, but it seems she and Kimmel are on very friendly terms, with Kimmel apologizing to Brunson last week when she appeared on his show.

But, considering the controversy, it might be surprising to learn that Kimmel has just signed a contract for a 3-year extension to his tenure on the show, per Deadline.

Kimmel will celebrate the show’s 20th anniversary this January. He signed to do the show with ABC instead of John Stewart whom ABC was seriously considering back in 2003. The show was partly created to replace Bill Maher’s Politically Incorrect.

The contract extension puts to end the speculation that Kimmel was going to retire, as he has mentioned was a possibility, and puts him on air until the spring of 2026.

Kimmel suggested that he will retire then.

“After two decades at ABC, I am now looking forward to three years of what they call ‘quiet quitting.'”

Craig Erwich, President of ABC Entertainment, said in regards to the extension, “There is no one funnier or more authentic than Jimmy. We are so proud of the incredibly talented team at Jimmy Kimmel Live! and could not be happier to continue our partnership.”