Latest ‘Yellowstone’ News: Cole Hauser shares epic throwback photo while Forrie J. Smith predicts intense season 5


Hey, all you Yellowstone fans, we’re back for another roundup of all the happenings in Taylor Sheridan’s universe. While filming is underway in the great state of Montana for the epic fifth season, there’s a lull in news because everyone’s so busy. That doesn’t mean, however, that there’s a pause in excitement. From continued BTS looks and short interview snippets, there’s still a lot of excitement for Yellowstone fans. So crack open a cold one, kick those cowboy boots off your tired feet, and relax in front of a rippling fire — we’ve got you covered. 

Cole Hauser shares an epic throwback

Cole Hauser took to his Instagram stories to share an epic throwback photo from the early days of Yellowstone. Nic Sheridan, Taylor Sheridan’s wife, initially shared the photo from four years ago on her Instagram account. The snap shows Cole Hauser and his wife, Cynthia, alongside Kelly Reilly, Nic, Emerson Miller, and Christina Voros.

The image sees the friends as they are early in their Yellowstone journey, likely still getting to know one another and the depth of the storyline they would begin telling. They’re at a bar, enjoying the moment, and it’s a fun treat for fans to get a look at their relationships and friendships off-camera, too.

To be able to see that snap, you’ll need to check Hauser’s Instagram stories before they disappear in the next 24 hours. Just in case you don’t catch it, we found one for you of the cast back in season 1 that you can enjoy, too!

Forrie J. Smith’s nod to season 5 is ominous

Forrie J. Smith attended a charity gala over the weekend with Cole Hauser, and he shared a few words with a local reporter about the future of Yellowstone. Courtney Zavala from KPRC2 Houston asked if he could describe the upcoming season in one word. Smith did just that, but then he gave her a quote that he believes fans will be thinking as they watch the next season — and it’s a doozy.

“Everybody’s gonna be going; ‘what the he–?'”

To further hit home the idea that fans should expect the unexpected, Smith notes that we’ll continue to be surprised, and we’re not so sure it’s leaning towards a happy set of surprises, either!

Finn Little shares a great season 4 memory

Finn Little shared one of our favorite scenes from Yellowstone‘s fourth season on his Instagram feed today. During a quick chat with John Dutton, Little’s character, Carter, is asked if he and Beth are on good terms again.

Carter’s decision-making wasn’t exactly stellar when he first got to the ranch. No matter what Beth tried to do for him, he didn’t seem to know how to receive the kindness or what to do with it. Rip warned Beth that she might get taken advantage of, but she wasn’t willing to hear it — until it happened.

Having upset Beth, John knew that Carter had some work to do, so when Carter told him that he was sure the ship had already sailed, John suggested he swim after it, reminding him that Beth was the only reason he had a spot at the ranch, to begin with. The scene is a sweet one, almost like advice from a grandfather to a child; Carter isn’t going to be calling Beth mom any time soon, but he certainly does have a special place in her heart.

Yellowstone kicks off its exciting fifth season with a two-hour television event on Nov. 13, and you can see the first four seasons now streaming on Peacock.