‘Moon Knight’ bundle descends into ‘Fortnite’

moon knight epic games fortnite
Image via Epic Games

Epic Games has announced that a Moon Knight bundle will be released for Fortnite, as the Disney Plus series continues its run.

In the bundle, players will be able to alternate between both Moon Knight and Mr. Knight skins, as well as receive his cape as an accessory, and his signature weapon – the crescent darts as a harvesting tool.

The Fortnite team made the announcement on the Epic Games website, saying that the bundle is now available on the Fortnite item shop.

“Enacting justice for those traveling at night, Moon Knight is available now in the Fortnite Item Shop! This fist of Khonshu is willing to enact justice whether day or night on the Island,”

The Moon Knight bundle is now available on the item shop now, with the skins and cape costing 1500 V-bucks and the crescent darts costing 500 V-bucks.

Epic Games has been busy bolstering Fornite‘s skin roster with various collaborations with other games, films, and TV shows. This year alone has seen the arrival of characters from The Book of Boba FettArcane, and Hawkeye, just to name a few. Back in early March of 2022, leaks revealed a potential collaboration between Fortnite and Ubisoft’s Assassins Creed.

Most recently, soft drink company Coca-Cola launched its newest flavor Zero Sugar Byte through Fortnite, a month before the drink’s real-world launch.