Star Wars Sequel Trilogy Reportedly Being Erased By Jon Favreau And Dave Filoni

Image via Walt Disney Studios

Star Wars fans who felt that the sequel trilogy didn’t live up to the franchise’s potential may have grounds to rejoice.

According to YouTuber Overlord DVD who spoke to sources including Hollywood insider Kamran Pasha, producer Dave Filoni has begun working on a plan to rid the Disney sequel trilogy from the story universe and offer a rebooted sequel trilogy instead.

In an interview with Pasha, he explains that both Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni are rumored to be at the head of this project. Nothing of the sort, of course, has been confirmed publicly by any of the parties involved.

Both Favreau and Filoni have experience working within the Star Wars universe on some of its most beloved additions. For Favreau, this experience comes with the massively popular Disney Plus series The Mandalorian, while Filoni has plenty of reps under his belt having worked on different series within the universe since 2008.

There wasn’t any information on what the rumored sequel trilogy reboot could look like and what that would mean to the characters established on-screen throughout The Force Awakens, The Last Jedi, and The Rise of Skywalker. While these films were harshly criticized by Star Wars fans, some of the characters introduced did excel on screen and, with a reboot, we could potentially see many of them back again with a new spin on things.

Right now, Star Wars fans who aren’t happy with the most recent editions of the series will have to remain hopeful—but again, nothing has been officially shared regarding any of these rumors coming to fruition.