The CW’s newest DC show won’t have any Arrowverse crossovers — for now

After 2019 and 2020’s “Crisis on Infinite Earths” event, fans were excited to see where the rebooted Arrowverse would go next. With the multiverse streamlined, it felt like we were being promised a much more interconnected franchise going forward. As it happens, the opposite is true, as The CW’s DC TV universe has become even more fragmented than before. And it seems that’s not going to change with the addition of Naomi to the network’s lineup.

As based on a recent addition to the DC comics universe, only debuting in 2019, Naomi follows teenage superhero fangirl Naomi McDuffie (played by newcomer Kaci Walfall), who discovers the surprising truth of her origins after a chance encounter with Superman. Given this close connection to the Man of Steel, fans have been quietly expecting Superman & Lois‘s Tyler Hoechlin to appear on Naomi, at least in its pilot episode.

However, this has now been ruled out by producer Ava DuVernay. The acclaimed filmmaker teased what’s to come in season one at a press roundtable (via CBR) and made clear that Naomi will not be overtly connected to the Arrowverse and is set in its own universe, which she referred to as the “Naomi-verse.” That said, it’s vaguely possible that crossovers could occur if a second season goes ahead.

“We will see what happens,” DuVernay said. “We are really just focused [on Naomi], no crossover. You won’t see any crossover [in] Season 1, that’s a little spoiler. That’s a little breaking news I’ll share. Season 1, that’s not there. She is firmly in her story and we are singularly focused on that journey.”

Just because we won’t see any familiar faces in season one, that doesn’t mean Naomi will be bereft of elements from DC lore that’ll please fans. It’s previously been confirmed that Naomi’s mentor, tattoo parlor owner Dee (Alexander Wraith, see above gallery), is from the planet Thanagar, a world closely connected to Hawkman and Hawkgirl. Showrunner Jill Blankenship has also promised some “cosmic cameos” to come.

Don’t miss Naomi when it premieres Tuesday, Jan. 11, on The CW.