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The ‘Wednesday’ hype might finally be behind us, if social media is to be believed

Do you think 'Wednesday' is "mid?"

Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Addams in 'Wednesday'
Image via Netflix

Despite the recent success Wednesday received since its release, some were not impressed with the newest installment in The Addams Family franchise. The show starring Jenna Ortega is now being described as “mid” and fans wondered where “all the creativity” has gone as the Hollywood industry continues its push to create reboots of existing titles.

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Wednesday is being called out for how the stars of the show have to undergo so much, to the point where the iconic dance scene was performed when Ortega had Covid. And yet despite all that effort, the show felt “bland” for some viewers. They described the show where the story isn’t that great and believed the show is soulless.


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TikTok user @sorenrehkopf believes that as the industry shifts to producing streaming content, so does the effort and care when making the shows. He pointed out how shows back then would craft these pilot episodes with a tremendous amount of care in the hopes for a broadcaster or production house would greenlight the show.

And now, streaming services have their own in-house production studios, so they’re able to churn out shows without needing to think about the level of care to give these shows a “good story.”


Stitch with @andr3wsky Not to say that there haven’t been _any_ good shows recently but the trend is pretty undeniable imo. #leftist #anticapitalist #streamingwars #tvshows #fantasy #disneyplus

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And it’s not just TikTok that thinks of this. Over on Reddit, Wednesday was criticized for missing the point of what The Addams Family was about. The Netflix show failed to represent what made this family iconic and couldn’t understand how or why it became insanely popular.

Even if people think the show was mediocre, Wednesday still holds the number one spot on Netflix’s Top 10 charts this week. The show accumulated over 411 million hours of watch time and was predicted to reach 1 billion hours and could sit alongside other Netflix giants such as Squid Games and Stranger Things.

While it’s currently unknown if Wednesday would receive a second season, all episodes of season one are now available to stream on Netflix.