TikTok has discovered Elon Musk’s struggle for attention has hit a whole new low

Elon Musk phone Twitter logo
Nathan Stirk/Getty Images

It really does feel like the more attention Elon Musk gets, the more he wants. Ever since he walked that sink into Twitter HQ it feels like everything is all Musk, all the time over there. Now someone on TikTok has discovered something even cringier.

User Bone Broth Bastard posted a video pointing out that if someone simply goes to Twitter to look but doesn’t log in and starts to scroll through tweets, it’s all Musk all the time.

“I know Twitters been really crazy since Elon Musk took over, but I want you to know that if you’re on a tweet and you’re not logged in and you scroll to see more tweets – it just gives you Elon Musk.”

Nomeatmashers then scrolled down to a waterfall of Musk tweets. Like so many.

“This is a brand new browser on a brand new computer. this is what Elon genuinely thinks will hook potential new (users),” Bone Broth added in the comments. Others posted similar comments.

“Didn’t see a single Elon tweet until he bought Twitter. Now he’s blocked lol,” one person said. “I only follow like 5 people on Twitter and since Elon took over I get a push notification nearly every time he posts it seems lol,” someone else replied.

One user said they remember “getting a notification about Elon Musk” even though they didn’t follow him. Whether or not Musk is juicing the algorithm in his favor or not isn’t really known, but anecdotally it sure looks like it.

And let’s be honest, no one would be surprised if that was the case.