7 characters She-Hulk could end up dating in the MCU

She-hulk attorney at law takes a photo with a phone
Image via Marvel Studios / Disney Plus

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law is only a week away from its Disney Plus debut, and fans are already theorizing about what MCU characters could make cameos or even their own MCU debuts. While Daredevil and Wong are already confirmed to appear, fans are wondering if there will be any other superheroes joining the mix, especially given She-Hulk aka Jennifer Walters’ proclivity for dating heroic types.

Since her first comic book appearance in 1980, the character has had a rich love life (she even had a fling with fellow bon vivant Tony Stark). She’s even been married once. We know that both Jen and her Hulky alter ego will be playing the field in the show. Here’s our list of people that Jen Walters has been involved with in the comics that may just stand a chance of being her love interest in the new series.

1. Daredevil

The two have never dated canonically but DD is most definitely going to be appearing in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, horns and all and, he is technically single? Of course, Matt’s probably still holding a torch for Karen and that might be a little too much drama for the MCU’s first official comedy. Count on their relationship to be more about legal briefs than, you know, the other kind of briefs.

2. Luke Cage

Shulkie and Cage had a brief affair in the pages of the Heroes for Hire comic book before he went on to marry Jessica Jones. Now that Daredevil has been firmly re-established in the MCU, Marvel could take the opportunity to reintroduce Luke as a potential paramour for Jessica especially if she ends up having to defend the Defender in court.

3. Hercules

Now that Thor: Love & Thunder has been out for a while, it’s safe to say most folks know that Hercules has arrived in the MCU proper, played by Ted Lasso‘s Brett Goldstein. Jen and Herc were fellow Avengers in the comics and had a brief fling until she realized that Hercules was actually a raging chauvinist pig. More like Jerkules, right? Marvel hasn’t really indicated where Hercules is going to go in the MCU now that he’s made his post-credits debut, but it may be that we’ll see him in an Avengers title rather than show up as Shulkie’s arm candy. Who can say?

4. John Jameson aka Man-Wolf aka Stargod

While J. Jonah Jameson’s astronaut son John exists canonically in the part of the multiverse where Tobey McGuire is Spider-Man, he’s never been seen in the MCU. His dad certainly does, however, so he has a pretty good chance of existing as well. Shulkie and John got pretty hot and heavy in the comics and even got officially hitched for a bit before John reverted to his Stargod alter ego, a werewolf who is the defender of an extradimensional realm — it’s a whole thing. Jen also realized that her feelings for John had been swayed by Harry Styles, er, Starfox’s emotionally manipulative superpowers and the pair called it quits.

5. Jack of Hearts

Fans created a bit of a kerfuffle when they thought they had spotted the energy-manipulating hero Jack of Hearts, who Jen was dating in the most recent comic book run of She-Hulk, in a promo for the upcoming series, but it was later revealed that the costume belonged to a lower tier supervillain known as the matador. While the character has not been introduced in the MCU as of yet, Marvel loves synergy, so it wouldn’t be a huge surprise if the character made his debut in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law.

6. Wyatt Wingfoot

While all of the above contenders have superpowers of some kind, Jen has dated a handful of non-powered folks in her time and one of them may be the love of her life. Wyatt Wingfoot was a minor character in the Fantastic Four. A former classmate of Johnny Storm at Metro College, Wyatt accompanied the famous super-team on several adventures, eventually meeting She-Hulk when she temporarily joined the team while The Thing went on sabbatical to hang out with aliens. In many ways, he’s a perfect match for Jen — tall, handsome, and seemingly excellent at nearly everything he puts his mind to. Could a Wingfoot romance start to pave the way for the inevitable appearance of the FF at the beginning of Phase Six?

7. Juggernaut

Last and certainly least, SIGH … The dang old Juggernaut.

Look, I want to make this perfectly clear. She-Hulk did NOT sleep with Juggernaut. Sure, writer Chuck Austen included a scene during his very unpopular run on the She-Hulk comic which paired the two up, but it has since been retconned to have been the She-Hulk of alternate Earth 717 that did the deed, not the She-Hulk of Earth-616, mostly due to fan revulsion.

I only bring it up because it became a running gag throughout Dan Slott’s run on the title to have characters ask Shulkie if the rumor was true, much to her annoyance. And Slott’s work is supposed to be a major source for the new series. But Marvel wouldn’t ruin the official debut of mutants and X-Men villains in the MCU just to make She-Hulk the butt of a silly joke, would they?

We’ll all have to wait until August 18, when She-Hulk: Attorney at Law starts streaming on Disney Plus, to find out.