AEW’s Nyla Rose is already coming for Henry Cavill over his big ‘Warhammer 40K’ announcement

Nyla Rose Henry Cavill
Slaven Vlasic / Dave J Hogan / Getty Images

In the hours following Amazon’s blockbuster Warhammer 40K series announcement, which is set to be highlighted by former DCU superstar Henry Cavill, it seems as though an abundance of others want a piece of the Warhammer pie, too. And while there are surely a large handful of expected celebrities that would be interested in joining the project, one unlikely personality wants to put their name in the hat — and that would be AEW wrestler Nyla Rose.

After Cavill confirmed the news on his official Instagram account, the comment section was chock-full of intrigued celebrities and enthusiastic fans — although one particular comment from Rose certainly stood out like a sore thumb. In her reply, Rose jokingly hinted that she has a collection of headshots and resumes ready, insisting that she has high hopes of being cast in a potential role alongside Cavill. You can check out Rose’s post for yourself down below:

Nyla Rose AEW Warhammer
Image via Instagram / @nylarosebeast

In the aftermath of the major announcement, it’s become clear that plenty of Warhammer fanatics are itching to play a part in the upcoming live-action series. And with both Rose and singer-songwriter Jewel equally expressing their excitement for Cavill and the production of the series in general, it’s only a matter of time until more celebrities crawl out of the woodwork and express interest.

As for Rose, her fascination is hardly a surprise, with the 40-year-old wrestler embracing a fantasy-esque style in her work — including her wrestling attire occasionally resembling Mystique from X-Men and DC character Deathstroke. And now, it looks like a possible Warhammer cosplay could be up next for her future attire.