Another DC Writer Throws Shade At Dean Cain For Superman Comment


Dean Cain has been taking a lot of flak lately for various dumb takes posted online for all to see, but causing the most consternation among comic book fans is his belief that one of Superman‘s signature axioms would not be allowed in today’s political climate, for which DC writer Scott Snyder (no relation to Zack) had a perfect and concise response.

Cain is famous for playing the Man of Steel in Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, a four-season show that aired on ABC in the mid-‘90s, and when appearing on Fox & Friends he stated that if he were to play the role today he wouldn’t be allowed to state “Truth, justice and the American way,” on account of Trump supporters thinking that anything about America they passionately believe in is targeted for destruction by The Libs, who as everyone knows utterly despise the country and all it represents.

In response, another iteration of the deathly tedious Twitter game ‘Who is this? Wrong answers only’ appeared with an image of Cain in his red and blue regalia, to which Snyder replied “Superman,” suggesting that Cain’s dismissive and exclusionary views run counter to the boundless compassion at the core of who Kal-El is as a person. Cain didn’t seem to get the joke, either, blithely stating “that ship has already sailed.” He was also very publicly criticized by DC writer Tom King, who pointed out that a few scant months ago his Up in the Sky arc featured that very turn of phrase.

lois-clark-terri-hatcher (1)

Despite Cain having played Superman for four years and over two decades later is still the role with which he’s most closely associated, he seems to fundamentally misunderstand the character and what he stands for, namely highlighting the best of humanity, bridging divides and bringing people together, rather than wallowing in the disagreements that continue to divide us.