Arnold Schwarzenegger says his Netflix series starts production soon

Sabotage arnold schwarzenegger

It was last summer when we first caught word that action icon Arnold Schwarzenegger would be heading to the small screen for the first time in his career to headline an action-packed globetrotting series set in the high stakes world of international espionage.

In November of last year it was revealed that the project had been picked up for distribution by Netflix, but the trail has gone ice cold since then. We know that the show was created by Vegas, Scorpion and Reacher producer Nick Santora, and would follow a father/daughter duo that have been living their lives completely unaware that they’re both elite operatives.

Top Gun: Maverick‘s Monica Barbaro was cast as the female lead, but we’ve got our first snippet of information for a long time thanks to the defiantly old school Schwarzenegger, who releases semi-regular newsletters addressed to his fans. While admitting he’s an avid Yellowstone watcher, the 74 year-old hinted that things could be heating up soon.

Yellowstone. I know this is not a movie, but I have been getting much more into watching TV shows with my new Netflix show starting soon. I love this show, it is fantastic!

Danny DeVito recently confirmed that Twins sequel Triplets starts rolling early next year, so Arnold will likely be getting that one out of the way first before heading to Netflix to star in eight hour-long episodes that will no doubt benefit immensely from the financial backing of the streaming giant.