Austin Amelio Teases His Move To Fear The Walking Dead


Fear The Walking Dead‘s fifth season will continue where things left off and bring on board another former star of its parent series, The Walking Dead. Just as Lennie James’ Morgan Jones moved over to the spinoff last season, becoming one of its lead characters, Austin Amelio is similarly making the jump, as Dwight will arrive in Texas when the show returns to AMC later this year.

The news broke yesterday, leaving TWD fans excited at the promise of another crossover and more from the former Savior who hasn’t been seen in the while. Now, Amelio has shared the first teaser for his upcoming arrival on Fear on his Instagram account. The short promo uses footage from Dwight’s past appearances on TWD and then ends on a fun final shot which welcomes him to his new home.

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Dwight was last seen in the season 8 finale of The Walking Dead, being exiled from Alexandria by Daryl and made to swear that he’ll never return. We guess he kept his word, too, as he hasn’t turned up again since TWD jumped forward in time not once, but twice – first, 18 months and then again by 7 years. Because he got out before this, Dwight’s one of the few characters who can still crossover with Fear without giving fans a headache working out the timeline.

Speaking of which, the news of Amelio moving over to the spinoff has been met with a lot of positive reactions so far, but some folks are questioning whether it’ll benefit both the character and the show. For every person who’s happy to see more of Dwight – who has a long history in the comics to mine, after all – there’s someone who feels like he would’ve been better served on TWD while Fear would do better to focus on its own original cast.

In any case, we’ll see how this all turns out when Fear The Walking Dead returns. But first, we’ve got the second half of The Walking Dead season 9 to catch, as it kicks off on February 10th.