Barry Prepares To Battle The Speed Force In New Flash Photos

The Flash

Barry Allen prepares to do battle with the Speed Force itself in these new promo photos for The Flash. Season 7 has seen the Scarlet Speedster faced with the personification of the mysterious force that gives him his powers, which has taken on the form of his late mother Nora (Michelle Harrison). Unfortunately, the Speed Force revealed its true villainous intentions in last week’s episode, teeing up a major confrontation in 7×11 “Family Matters, Part 2.”

“Part 1” ended with the Speed Force allying with Deon/the Still Force (Christian Magby) and taking out Barry’s wife Iris (Candice Patton), Alexa/Fuerza (Sara Garcia) and Bashir/Psych (Ennis Esmer). And going by these new pics, Barry, Cisco (Carlos Valdes) and Chester (Brandon McKnight) look to be working hard to find a way to stop the Speed Force.

Unfortunately for our hero, though, he may be forced to do something unimaginable. In the trailer for “Part 2,” Deon told the Flash that there’s only one to defeat the Speed Force: he’ll have to kill her. Barry has already witnessed the death of his mother at Reverse-Flash’s hand when he was a boy, so would he be capable of killing the entity that’s wearing his mom’s face? The episode’s synopsis doesn’t give much away, but you can read it below:

Barry (Grant Gustin) and Iris (Candice Patton) come together to try and stop a dangerous force from destroying Central City. Chad Lowe directed the episode with story by Jonathan Butler & Gabriel Garza and teleplay by Thomas Pound.”

Cisco’s prominent presence in these photos reminds us that we haven’t got long to go until Valdes exits the series. In fact, it looks like this is his penultimate outing before Cisco says goodbye to Central City in 7×12. So, let’s hope “Family Matters, Part 2” makes the most out of him. Meanwhile, if Barry is about to lose his mother figure, at least he’s getting some new family members soon. The show’s 150th installment will introduce Bart Allen AKA Impulse (Jordan Fisher), his son from the future.

The Flash continues Tuesdays on The CW.