Batwoman Season 2 Ratings Hit An All-Time Low Yet Again


Batwoman continues to see its ratings plummet faster than the Scarlet Knight jumping off a Gotham rooftop. Ever since its underwhelming season 2 opener, the series has been losing viewers every week, excepting the occasional slight reprieve now and again. And with its 13th episode, “I’ll Give You A Clue,” which aired Sunday, May 9th on The CW, it crossed another unfortunate milestone.

2×13 marks the first time that the show has raked in fewer than 400,000 viewers in its two-year history. According to TV Series Finale, it was watched by just 385,000 pairs of eyeballs. The ratings in the 18-49 demographic matched the same low point of the past three episodes as well, coming in at 0.10.

This is the second time in two weeks that Batwoman has broken its own low ratings records. 2×12 “Initiate Self-Destruct” was only caught by around 430,000 viewers, and that was a hugely notable installment as it featured the return of Kate Kane, with Krypton star Wallis Day taking over the role from Ruby Rose.

“I’ll Give You A Clue” furthered this storyline, as her sister Alice discovered that Black Mask’s “daughter” Circe is really a brainwashed Kate, with her face reconstructed by surgery after the plane crash that almost took her life. On paper, it seemed like a good idea to bring the character back halfway through the season, in the hopes of giving the flagging ratings a boost. In practice, however, it doesn’t seem to have done any good.

Arrowverse fans don’t need to worry in the short term, though, as season 3 was already commissioned back in February, so we’re definitely guaranteed at least one more run after this one concludes. That said, it’s looking increasingly likely that it won’t be making it to season 4.

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