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The 20 best BL dramas, ranked

The best of the best to satiate that BL yearning.

To absolutely no one’s surprise, BL dramas have gained a ginormous following in the last few years as a result of the popular series Tharntype and Kinnporsche.

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Coincidentally, these shows are also finely linked to the exponential surge in the popularity of Eastern dramas, most often derived from South Korea. Normally, these dramas depict some sort of action or romance that we’ve all come across with at some point or another. They are everywhere, after all. But as BL continues to become a growing genre, the demand also grows.

This means that more than ever, dramas are incorporating queer characters into their productions, and going as far as to creating even more BL content – overwhelming, I know. But worry not – as a self-proclaimed BL drama expert, I have come to show you a list of the finest BL dramas to binge-watch.

20. Theory of Love

Theory of Love is in last on this list – but do not underestimate it. It was, after all, one of the faces of BL for many years – deservingly so. In this BL drama, we meet Third and Khai, two best friends studying at the same university. There are many reasons why you should watch this, from the brilliant cast to the cinematic references made throughout the episodes that are capable of luring in any cinephiles looking to explore the BL world. It’s a personal favorite, for sure.

19. Eternal Yesterday

Japanese dramas serve as an amazing introductory conduit for new fans to the BL genre – and Eternal Yesterday may just be one of the best dramas hailing from the East Asian nation. The episodes are short, but they beautifully introduce the story of Mitsuru Oumi and Koichi Yamada – two high school classmates who slowly start getting to know each other. As you can imagine, their friendship gradually blossoms into something else, but it will not end the way you expect it to.

18. Plus & Minus

Plus & Minus has it all. Childhood friends? Check. Office romance? Check. Roommates? Check. Opposites attract? Check. It encompasses every trope cherished by many BL fans, all while being masterfully done – it is Taiwanese, after all. Heading the story are Cheng Ze Shou and Fu Li Gong, who have been best friends since childhood. As adults, they now live together to share the high expenses of the bustling city, with Li Gong harboring an unrequited crush on his best friend. Just good stuff.

17. Our Dating Sim

Our Dating Sim is living proof that Korean BL dramas have been improving over time, becoming more daring and risqué with each passing release. The series introduces Wan and Ki Tae, two high school friends who happen to reunite at a gaming company. It’s a simple workplace romance, but trust me when I say: It is wonderfully crafted. It’s not easy to dethrone the big titans of BL, but this short drama has managed to do it and in my humble opinion, it will be many people’s favorite drama.

16. I Feel You Linger in the Air

I Feel You Linger in the Air is a relatively recent Thai BL drama that even in its short lifespan, has managed to set an entirely new standard for all upcoming series of the kind. It’s an extraordinary period drama that centers around the story of Jom and Yai, who meet under the most unexpected circumstances possible. This series is imbued with genuine sweetness and tenderness between these two characters, in addition to the brilliant acting. It’s an outstanding series that consistently outdoes itself in every episode.

15. Together With Me

While it may show its age in terms of production quality, Together With Me quickly gained a dedicated following among BL fans. Introducing one of Thailand’s biggest on-screen couples, Max and Tul – who portray Knock and Korn, respectively – Together With Me explores a common trope often found throughout BL stories – the one-night stand. After a drunken escapade that brings them together, their friendship becomes strained by internalized homophobia and denial, until no more. Cliché, but it’s worth your time.

14. A Tale of a Thousand Stars

A Tale of a Thousand Stars is undeniably one of the most unique dramas in the genre. Filled to the brim with melancholy, heartbreak, memories, and heartfelt moments, this series presents a mesmerizing slow-burn romance between Tian – an entitled son of a politician – and Phupha, a dedicated soldier safeguarding Thailand’s border from invaders. This story will surely bring you on a journey filled with hope and sadness all at once.

13. Semantic Error

South Korea is known for its dramas, but only recently have they jumped on the BL train, releasing a handful of BL dramas. In this case, Semantic Error is rather new to the scene, but as usual, it is absolutely outstanding. Adapted from the Korean manhwa by the same name, Semantic Error is a fun watch, showing the life of two university students whose friendship (and later on, romance) is off to a rocky start. Sure, it’s the typical enemies-to-lovers trope, but we just eat it up every single time.

12. My Beautiful Man

Adapted from the manga of the same name, My Beautiful Man is a fantastic Japanese coming-of-age story that has its dark side. Although Japan is known for their questionable live-action adaptations, the country has produced some of the best that the BL sphere has ever seen – including My Beautiful Man. Telling the story of Hira and Kiyoi, this drama shows a blossoming romance between two completely different high school students that just fall deeply in love – obsessively so.

11. Until We Meet Again

Undoubtedly one of the most emotionally captivating dramas on this list, Until We Meet Again is one of the best BL series to emerge from the genre. With a complex web of relationships, Until We Meet Again explores the red string of fate concept. The series introduces two couples who fall victim to a twisted game of fate, entwined by reincarnation and past memories. This drama serves as a rite of passage for anyone hoping to delve deeper into this genre, so get to it as soon as possible.

10. I Told the Sunset About You

Released in 2020, I Told The Sunset About You quickly leaped to the pinnacle of the BL pyramid. Its eclectic story with phenomenal acting has lured people into the story of Teh and Oh-Aew – two highschool students who absolutely despise each other due to their families’ histories. Despite their hatred for one another, the duo can’t seem to leave each other’s side – and thank goodness for that, because how else would we get to watch this absolute masterpiece?

9. We Best Love: No. 1 For You

Produced and recorded in Taiwan, We Best Love aired in 2021 at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Needing a well-deserved break, fans quickly turned to this Taiwanese drama for comfort and were definitely not disappointed. Straying from the typical college romance, We Best Love sees Zhou Shu Yi, a college student that always ends up in second place to his arch-enemy, Gao Shi De. As time goes by, the two go from frenemies, to lovers, to strangers in the second season. This is a ride you cannot miss.

8. HIStory 3: Trapped

Part of the HIStory web series, Trapped is the 6th installment within the saga. Just like its counterparts, Trapped is a Taiwanese drama, with an incredibly good budget that is evident through the gorgeous cinematography and the top-tier casting. The main characters are textbook enemies: A policeman and a crime lord. Pursuing themes involving crime, revenge, death, and raw and passionate love stories, this drama is absolutely perfect for a kick of adrenaline alongside the much-adored trope of enemies-to-lovers. 

7. Not Me

Revolving around university students, Not Me presents a gripping drama that intertwines elements of revenge, crime, and bureaucratic controversies, serving as a metaphorical critique of Thai society. The story delves into the exhilarating journey of twin brothers and their apolitical friends as they strive to overthrow a powerful drug lord who has monopolized the workforce. It’s quite the political story, but if that doesn’t spark your interest, White and Sean’s love story surely will.

6. The Eighth Sense

Short but mighty, Eighth Sense completely revolutionized the South Korean BL scene. This extraordinary series presents a beautiful coming-of-age story between two university students, Ji Hyun and Jae Won, who join the same surfing club that changes their lives for the best. In a semi-traditional environment in Seoul, Jae Won struggles to accept his feelings towards a man, showing a realistic insight into the lives of queer people in South Korea. It is quite phenomenal.

5. Manner of Death

If you’re not a fan of slice-of-life stories, worry not; I have cooked up the perfect BLs for you. Full of twists and turns, Manner of Death portrays the life of Dr. Bunnakit, a forensic doctor investigating an (alleged) suicide case, and Tan – one of the suspects. However, Dr. Bun believes there is more to the case than a simple suicide, leading him to team up with Tan to find the real culprit. This drama is far more mature than many of the entries on this list, so you can surely expect a work of art from start to finish.

4. Bad Buddy

Bad Buddy is a 2021 Thai drama that completely took over the internet upon its release, and trust me when I say: This is pure perfection. Passing down the rivalry from their families almost as an heirloom, Bad Buddy introduces the story of Pran and Pat, two teenagers who are in a constant state of rivalry. In my opinion, what truly stands out in this drama is the acting style; it is almost reminiscent of the subtleness found in Western series, so, if you’re somehow hesitant about Thai drama’s eccentricity, Bad Buddy is the drama for you.

3. HIStory 3: Make Our Days Count

Make Our Days Count is a Taiwanese coming-of-age drama from 2019 part of the HIStory web series. In this story we get to know Xiang Hao Ting and Yu Xi Gu, two high school students who couldn’t be any different. Hao Ting is a popular though rebellious student surrounded by love. On the other hand, there is Xi Gu, an orphan who is trying to make ends meet and trying his best to support himself. The two sides of the same coin end up going from strangers to lovers, and sometimes fate isn’t kind, even for young people.

2. Tharntype

For the longest time, Tharntype remained the undefeated pinnacle of BL, and understandably so. In this story, we see an intense rivalry between two roommates: Type, a homophobic jock, and Tharn, an openly queer music student. This drama’s popularity can be attributed to many factors, including the actors’ chemistry, however, it is quite flawed and can be considered outdated. Ultimately though, it shows a raw and intense struggle with sexual identity that isn’t as thoroughly explored in other dramas, making it all the more complex and worth the watch.

1. KinnPorsche

Tharntype was nearly undefeated for a decade, but Kinnporsche snatched the title of best BL drama. KinnPorsche is an action-filled story that grabbed the hearts of people through an absolutely packed plot. It tells the story of Kinn, the son of a Mafia boss, who is trying to flee from an enemy and meets Porsche, a waiter who winds up helping him in a twist of fate. This led to Porsche becoming Kinn’s bodyguard, and assisting him in the most dangerous scenarios possible. You know what they say: Be gay, do crimes. It really is the best trope.

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