Boba Fett Gets His Own Awesome Mandalorian Season 2 Poster

Boba Fett

Boba Fett retuned to the Star Wars universe this season on The Mandalorianwhich finally confirmed that the iconic bounty hunter did not die that underwhelming death in Return of the Jedi, after all. In the premiere, we received our first glimpse of Temuera Morrison as an older Boba, sans armor, and in last week’s episode, “Chapter 14: The Tragedy,” the survivor of the Sarlaac Pit finally got his classic suit back and reminded us all of how badass he is. And, in return, he’s now received his own character poster.

Every week, Disney Plus releases a new one-sheet based on the breakout guest star of the most recent chapter, with previous posters highlighting the Frog Lady, Bo-Katan Kryze and Ahsoka Tano. Now, it’s Fett’s turn and this piece of promo material captures Boba fully armored up and turning to the side, which shows off his familiar but battered helmet and suit.

Chapter 14 saw Din Djarin (Pedro Pascal) travel to the planet Tython so that Baby Yoda could use the Seeing Stone there to contact other Jedi. At least, that was the plan. What actually happened was that Fett and his new ally, Fennec Shand (Ming-Na Wen), tracked them down and made a deal to get Boba’s armor back, explaining that they would help protect The Child in return. Their aid came in handy, too, when the Imperial forces soon attacked, but tragically, Moff Gideon (Giancarlo Esposito) still got away with Grogu.

Fett made clear at the end of the episode that their deb to Djarin has yet to be paid, so it seems like he’ll sticking around for Chapter 15 at least in order to help Mando get the baby back from Gideon. But what about after that? Well, word has it that Morrison will soon be starring in his own miniseries. That’s yet to be officially announced, though with The Mandalorian finishing up its second season shortly, Lucasfilm may decide to break the silence before the year is out.