Brie Larson Rumored To Be In Talks For Her Own Netflix Show

Captain Marvel
Image via Marvel Studios

Shooting on The Marvels is set to kick off any day now, and star Brie Larson has inevitably been the subject of much speculation that says the title was changed slightly due to the perceived backlash to her performance in the first movie. Of course, nobody said anything of the sort about Paul Rudd’s lack of headline credentials when Evangeline Lilly’s Wasp got her name in the title of the Ant-Man franchise, but anything Larson does in regards to the Marvel Cinematic Universe tends to come under intense scrutiny.

In fact, the Academy Award winner’s career in general tends to be placed under the microscope, with all sorts of speculation making the rounds on a regular basis about her personal and professional future. The latest rumor is that Netflix are keen to have the actress headline her own streaming series, which at least makes sense given that the platform acquired the distribution rights to her directorial debut Unicorn Store back in 2017.

However, the report comes from the same outlet that offered just a couple of days ago that she’d signed a huge first-look deal with Apple, which in itself came hot on the heels of tales that she’d demanded $20 million to join the Star Wars franchise and her days were numbered as part of the MCU’s roster, with The Marvels set to nudge her out of the spotlight.

Looking at the facts, what we do know is that Brie Larson will move onto AppleTV+ show Lessons in Chemistry once the Captain Marvel sequel has wrapped, with the 1960s-set series following a pregnant woman fired from her job who always wanted to be a scientist, a dream she sets out to achieve by hosting a TV cooking show where she drops knowledge as well as recipes, but anything beyond that remains strictly in the speculative column for now.