Candice Patton Thinks The Flash And Iris Should Have A Kid


When a show such as The Flash remains on the air for four seasons or longer, it’s expected for the titular character to not only grow as a hero, but as a person as well. As such, an enduring love interest comes along with that. Clark Kent found his match in Lois Lane back when Smallville was still on, and Barry Allen has done likewise with Iris West on this particular series.

Now, some of you reading this may not really care about this specific aspect, defiantly sitting on the side of the fence opposite those “shippers,” but, let’s face it, relationships are a part of life. Given that, you’re going to need something to pad an hour of television because it can’t be just heroes punching bad guys from start to finish. After all, this isn’t Avengers Assemble.

So, now that her character of Iris West has finally tied the knot with Barry Allen, actress Candice Patton has an idea of which domino should fall next, saying the following to TV Guide:

“I mean, no one wants to see pregnant Iris, but yeah, I think the next step, I guess, would be eventually to see Barry and Iris have a kid. I don’t know when that could possibly happen with what they’re trying to do.”

To be honest, I wouldn’t rule out seeing such a thing in future seasons, but the idea of those two having kids is something on the mind of Arrowverse fans everywhere at the moment, albeit in a different capacity.

You see, a decent fraction of the fanbase – myself included – share a gut feeling that Jessica Parker Kennedy’s mystery girl is either their daughter, Dawn Allen, or their granddaughter, Jenni Ognats, who’s traveled back from the future. Of course, time will tell, but those seem like our most solids bets.

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And if a baby were to be added to the list of Iris’ accomplishments that now include becoming a speedster for one episode, Patton seems satisfied with what her character has achieved:

“For me the bucket list is checked. I mean, if you guys killed me off tomorrow, I feel like I had a good run.”

Funny she should say that, because I’m of the ilk that thinks she’s pretty much bulletproof at this point. After all, if the producers went through so much trouble to have her avoid death at the hands of Savitar last season, why do it now?

The Flash returns with new episodes on Tuesday, April 10 on The CW.