The Witcher Season 2 Casting Video Teases A Mysterious New Killer

The Witcher

Netflix’s The Witcher is apparently adding a mysterious character to the cast of the second season and a newly leaked audition tape gives us a clue as to who it might be.

Fans are patiently waiting for more details about the upcoming next chapter in the story of the White Wolf and his child of destiny. But apart from some of Geralt’s Witcher comrades, like Lambert and Vesemir, who’ll be making their debuts in season 2, the world of the Continent is rich with diverse characters that all have a part to play in the five-book fantasy saga. Now, a casting video may give us a hint at one of these individuals.

Here’s the transcription from a scene that features someone codenamed D:

Man: “I’m sorry, D. I don’t know what happened.”
D: “You fell asleep on your watch, that’s what happened. You made it through your first battle without shitting your kacks, you’ve earned a night’s rest.”
Man: “Does it ever get easier?”
D: “Staying awake?”
Man: “Killing.”
D: “When you were a boy and your father sent you to plow the field, your hands hurt first, didn’t they? Then the blisters, callus, and the ache moved to your back, then you got strong and the ache moved to your head to the everyday monotony of putting your blade to the ground and tilling the never-ending roads of dirt. Killing is no different than any other job. The trick is to know that the difficulty never goes away. It just migrates, becomes a duller kind of hurt. One you can learn to ignore.”

Henry Cavill’s Geralt of Rivia and the rest of the cast and crew will be picking up filming this August after a hiatus in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. And the continuation of the tale will be even more exciting than what’s come before. If nothing else, the story will be more linear and approachable this time, since the showrunner and her writers will be embarking on adapting the first novel in the saga, Blood of Elves.

As for who this mysterious killer may be, there are a number of candidates from the source material. For one, D could be Rience, whom Geralt butts heads with after he starts looking for Ciri. Alternatively, it could also be Dijkstra, the Redanian spymaster. Or, of course, D could be a completely new character.

I guess we’ll know for sure when the second season of The Witcher arrives sometime in 2021. In the meantime, let us know your thoughts about who this new character might be in the comments section below.