How To Catch Up On Star Wars: The Clone Wars Before New Season Arrives


After more than six years, Star Wars: The Clone Wars will be back this February with a final season and fans can’t contain their excitement for the return of the acclaimed animated series.

Yesterday, Lucasfilm unveiled a new trailer for the seventh season of The Clone Wars alongside a gorgeous new poster that depicted many familiar faces like Darth Maul and everyone’s favorite snips, Ahsoka Tano. This final run promises to explore the events that lead to Revenge of the Sith and give fans the satisfying conclusion that they’ve been waiting for ever since the show ended its run with a shortened 6-episode season back in 2014.

Owing to Dave Filoni’s powerful storytelling skills and a narrative that delved deeper into the pre-Galactic Empire era, The Clone Wars has always been a well-respected production among fans. That’s why we’re all positively thrilled to see how the creator will conclude this epic series, but for those of you who haven’t had the chance to catch up with the show yet, the official Twitter account for Star Wars has the perfect solution.

In fact, if you watch four episodes of the show on Disney+ every day, you’ll be caught up when the final season arrives on February 21st:

Contrary to how almost everything that bears the name of Star Wars is divisive in the fandom, it’s hard to find someone who has anything negative to say about this show. In fact, fans appreciate the series so much that, according to Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy, they were the ones who brought it back for another season.

So, you can count on our word when we say Star Wars: The Clone Wars will be worth your while. Besides, what better way to console your yearning soul after The Rise of Skywalker other than returning to the glorious days of the Galactic Republic?