CBS Reportedly Discussing A Star Trek: Picard Spinoff For Janeway

Star Trek Voyager

Star Trek: Picard has now wrapped up its first season, and fans have been blown away by how it brought back Sir Patrick Stewart’s Starfleet legend and dropped him in a very contemporary, thrilling storyline. As great as having Jean-Luc’s journey continued is, though, Trek lovers have been left hungry to see other characters in the franchise get the same treatment. Another captain, for instance. Maybe Voyager‘s Kathryn Janeway?

If you’re one of those fans, then you’re in luck, as CBS is reportedly discussing a potential Picard spinoff for Kate Mulgrew. We Got This Covered has heard from our sources – the same ones who said a Captain Pike series is in the works, which has now been confirmed – that the network is interested in the idea, given how successful Stewart’s comeback has proven to be. Nothing has been set in stone just yet, but we’re told it’s indeed being discussed.

Apparently, CBS want to test the waters for the project by bringing Mulgrew back in a future season of Picard. As we’ve already shared, there are plans for Janeway to return for a small role or cameo on the show. It’s unclear whether this would be in season 2 or 3, but if fan response is positive and the actress is up for it, then the concept may get the green light.

Whether Mulgrew would like to have her own series again, though, remains to be seen. Last May, she expressed reluctance to “pull a Picard” and return full-time. “Seven years is a long time to play a character,” she told, referring to Voyager‘s original run. “I’m not sure that she would enjoy resuscitation.” That said, Stewart himself had sworn off a Trek return, too, until he was persuaded otherwise by CBS. So, there’s no reason they couldn’t convince Mulgrew as well. At the very least, she’s definitely up for a one-off comeback opposite Picard (and preferably Kirk to boot).

Tell us, though, do you have any interest in having Star Trek: Picard followed up with, let’s call it, Star Trek: Janeway? Let us know in the comments section below.