Charlie Cox shares what he thinks makes Daredevil special to fans

daredevil matt murdock

When Netflix cancelled its cache of Marvel TV series in late 2018/early 2019, fans were bummed to lose all of the Defenders — but they were devastated by the idea of Daredevil disappearing from our screens. Thankfully, three years on, Marvel has finally brought the Hero of Hell’s Kitchen back into the fold, with Charlie Cox returning as Matt Murdock in last December’s Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Since then, Daredevil has hopped over from Netflix to Disney Plus, supplying the show with a host of new fans and also strengthening its ties to the MCU going forward. But just what is it about the Hornhead that makes him so popular? Cox has a take on that, as he explained in a new promo video shared by the Mouse House streaming service.

“People love superheroes and what makes Daredevil special is that this character has to struggle and sacrifice a lot in order to be impactful,” Cox explained. “And I think viewers relate to how difficult making the right decisions in life can be sometimes.”

Cox makes a strong case here, as it’s definitely Matt’s darker and more mature character arc that sets him apart from the rest of the MCU’s costumed crime-fighters. This is why there’s some apprehension over the character coming back for new adventures on Disney Plus, as fans are wary of his grittier edges being sanded down to fit the more standard Marvel Studios mold.

At this point, though, there’s still no official news on whether a Daredevil revival could happen, although promo videos like this one only serve to remind us that Cox is now part of the franchise’s toybox again. We’re also pretty sure that he’ll be back, likely alongside Vincent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin, in the upcoming Echo series. It’s suspected that this show may act as a backdoor set-up for a DD season four.

Wherever he goes from here, hopefully Marvel will recapture exactly what’s made Charlie Cox’s character so popular to date. Catch all three seasons of Daredevil on Disney Plus now.