Claire’s Ready To Take Over In New House Of Cards Season 6 Photos


Though at one point it looked like Netflix’s hit political drama House of Cards would be brought down with the scandal that surrounded Kevin Spacey last year, as the writers were left with a dilemma as to how to proceed without the main character, anyone who watches the show knew that there was an obvious way to save it: just focus on Spacey’s on-screen wife, Robin Wright’s Claire Underwood.

And that’s exactly the route they’ve gone down. In the first teaser for season 6, which will be the show’s final run, we were introduced to the new status quo: Frank Underwood’s gone and there’s a new President in town. And they’re just getting started. Yes, Claire’s now taken over after revealing at the end of last season that she was ready to pick up the pieces of her disgraced husband’s administration and take on the job herself.

In a landmark moment for the series, she broke the fourth-wall for only the second time and told the camera: “My turn.” Now, she’s making good on that promise and we’ve got two new photos to prove it. Seen in the gallery down below, one’s a shot of her looking off into the distance, no doubt plotting her next move, while the other’s a behind the scenes snap of Claire in the White House. Neither is terribly revealing, but they do signal that Netflix is ready to kick the marketing machine into high gear now.

From what we understand, the sixth and final season of the hit drama will be a little shorter than usual – eight episodes over the usual batch of ten – when it arrives in the not-so-distant future. But aside from that, not much is known about the plot or what the new President will be getting up to.

At least fans needn’t worry about House of Cards coming to a complete end after the upcoming season, though. True, it will be the last run of the show, but spinoff series have already been floated, though it’s unclear as yet if Netflix will extend its political flagship. As always, watch this space for more.