Constantine: City Of Demons Will See DVD Release – With Extra Material


In light of recent events, I was thinking about how it’s kind of funny that the cancellation of Constantine’s eponymous TV series has actually been somewhat beneficial to the character. Yes, it completely sucks that such a fine show was cut short after only thirteen episodes, but now, the fans are sent into a frenzy any time he pops up in an Arrowverse series or animated movie. Basically, it’s an event of sorts.

Having said that, you can’t deny that notion has held true when it comes to his recent guest shots on Legends of Tomorrow. After being introduced at the tail end of the midseason finale, Matt Ryan’s iteration of the charismatic exorcist understandably has diehard and casual viewers alike taking notice, with a promotion to series regular slated for season 4.

And, if that weren’t enough, the CW Seed online streaming service recently launched City of Demons, an animated web series chronicling the adventures of the demonologist. Right now, only five episodes are available for consumption, but it looks like that’ll eventually change.


Here’s a bombshell that series writer J.M. DeMatteis recently dropped on Twitter:

“For all the folks who have been asking: Between the first 5 and the final 7 episodes of CONSTANTINE: CITY OF DEMONS there’ll be a full-length DVD release (with 20 or so extra minutes of story). So you can see the whole thing (and more) before the final episodes arrive on CW Seed.”

From the sound of it, Warner Home Video will essentially be following the precedent they set with Vixen, which originally aired as two seasons on CW Seed a few years back before being released on Blu-ray as one fluid viewing experience, with an additional 20 minutes filling in the gap.


As for when it’ll hit shelves, DeMatteis had this to offer:

“I believe the DVD will be out later in the spring, followed by the final seven episodes on CW Seed.”

If indeed WB wants to drop the home video release for Constantine: City of Demons late this spring, one would think June would be a fine time to do so. After all, we already have Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay (April 10) and Batman Ninja (May 8) to look forward to, with The Death of Superman likely launching in July or August. That said, we find it best that DC animated features not provide their own competition.