The CW Reportedly Wants Henry Cavill To Cameo As Superman In Arrowverse


Nobody seems to have a clue what the future holds for the SnyderVerse, despite a whirlwind of speculation dominating the conversation ever since Zack Snyder’s Justice League premiered on HBO Max. Dwayne Johnson has emerged as a potential candidate to keep the dream alive, though, and given Black Adam‘s ties to the actor’s Seven Bucks Productions that he co-founded with Henry Cavill’s manager Dany Garcia, it’s emerged as the most likely avenue for the DCEU’s canonical Superman to make his return.

Of course, it’s been over a decade since Cavill was first cast in the role, and he had one movie left on his contract prior to the theatrical edition of Justice League being released, even before extending his deal last summer. That means he’s spent almost five years on the sidelines without suiting up, despite the groundswell of support from the fans behind his portrayal of the iconic superhero, although those feelings are clearly not reciprocated by Warner Bros.

According to insider Daniel Richtman, though, The CW want to utilize a hugely marketable asset that’s been gathering dust on the DCEU shelf by having The Witcher star cameo in the Arrowverse, although the tipster offers no further details. This is just the latest in a long line of potential destinations Richtman has named for Cavill, too, ever since the news first broke that J.J. Abrams was rebooting Superman, but there is at least previous precedent for this sort of thing given Ezra Miller’s cameo during “Crisis on Infinite Earth.”

Of course, the SnyderVerse discourse has created innumerable question marks regarding every aspect of Warner Bros. and DC Films’ output on both the big screen, network television and HBO Max, so nothing can be definitively ruled in or out until the situation is cleared up for good.