Rumored Daredevil Miniseries Said To Be Very Violent, Possibly R-Rated


Even before Marvel Studios reacquired the rights to Daredevil at the start of this month once the two-year hold on the character expired following the cancellation of the acclaimed Netflix show, Matt Murdock’s costumed alter ego had already been linked with a huge number of roles in a variety of projects across the length and breadth of Kevin Feige’s cinematic universe.

Now that the Man Without Fear officially belongs to the biggest and most popular franchise on the planet, though, the rumor mill has only accelerated and intensified. In the three weeks since Daredevil came home, he’s been linked with a supporting role in Spider-Man 3, a recurring guest spot as a rival lawyer on She-Hulk, a standalone movie and another episodic series.

This week, some additional information surrounding the purported reboot has arrived, claiming the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen will be headlining a miniseries that’ll retain the dark, mature, violent and R-rated tone of its small screen predecessor, which obviously means that it won’t be heading to Disney Plus given that the Mouse House’s service doesn’t boast a single shred of adult-orientated content.

According to Small Screen:

A Daredevil series is in the works over at Marvel Studios. This is very much being spearheaded by Kevin Feige and it’s going to be violent. When I say violent, I mean VIOLENT. Possibly R-rated. And it looks like it’s coming to STAR on Disney Plus. Hulu in the US at the moment.

Of course, the corporation do own Hulu and are using it as a means to reinvent the Alien franchise, while the quest for complete cultural domination continued when it was announced at the recent Investor Day that Star is coming to Disney Plus, a new tier offering subscribers outside the United States the chance to access content from Disney subsidiaries including Hulu, ESPN and the Fox back catalogue.

That presents the ideal platform on which to dive into R-rated superhero content, especially with the Punisher set to return home as soon as next month, and it’ll be interesting to see which form the inevitable Daredevil reboot ends up taking when it arrives.