New Daredevil TV Series Reportedly Happening On Hulu Or Disney Plus


What’s next for the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen? That’s what Marvel fans want to know. We’ve always known not to expect a new Daredevil project within two years of Netflix cancelling the series, but that window is now almost up, so the Man Without Fear’s return could be just around the corner. The hope is that Charlie Cox will return in the part, but we’ve yet to have any official comment from Marvel Studios on the matter.

We’re still relying on reports and rumors, then, and a new one from scoopster Mikey Sutton definitely delivers what we want to hear. As shared on his Geekosity website, Sutton claims that it’s more than likely that Cox will be invited back as the hornhead as Kevin Feige is a big fan of his performance in the Netflix show. He could apparently receive a relaunched TV series, too, just as fans hope. However, it’s said that there’s some uncertainty about where it could end up.

Sutton writes that the plan is for this new Daredevil show to go up on one of Disney’s streaming services. So, the main two choices are Disney Plus or Hulu. A few months ago, the scoopster seemed more sure that it would end up on Hulu, gifted a mid-level budget and allowed to be grittier than would be permitted on D+. Apparently, though, things aren’t as clear cut at this later stage, but Sutton doesn’t go into why that is.

It’s also claimed that Cox’s comeback could lead to a role in a future Avengers movie. This wouldn’t necessarily mean Matt Murdock would become a member of the team, though, but that he’d act as an ally or their “man on the street,” keeping an eye on things in New York while they fight some massive cosmic threat.

All this sounds very intriguing, but we’d best not get too excited until we hear more. That being said, it does seem probable that there will be some sort of future for Cox’s Daredevil in the MCU.