Darth Maul Disney Plus Show Will Reportedly Explore His Backstory

Darth Maul

The idea that Ray Park would return as Darth Maul in Solo: A Star Wars Story is the sort of wild theory that would’ve got you laughed off social media before the Anthology movie hit theaters, and yet there he was, in all his red-and-black glory in a moment that shocked just about everyone. Especially those who weren’t aware of the character’s journey since being sliced in half in The Phantom Menace.

But ever since that surprise return, fans have been calling for more Maul – and we can’t blame them – with Park even admitting that he has tons of cool ideas for where to take the villain next. And though Lucasfilm is keeping characteristically quiet on what lies ahead for him, We Got This Covered told you a while back that a Disney Plus series is being prepped behind the scenes, one which will explore the fan favorite much more in-depth.

It’s still unclear exactly when we may see it premiere, but reaching out to our sources this week, WGTC was told it’s still in early development and will explore and flesh out Maul’s backstory via flashbacks (which various comics and other tie-in media have already done to some extent), showing us how he became the villain we know him as today. But it won’t be set entirely in the past, as much of it will take place post-Solo as well and dive into what he’s been doing since we last saw him in that brief cameo, with Emilia Clarke’s Qi’ra expected to be returning as well.

Unfortunately, the intel we were given ends there, but seeing as it comes from the same sources who told us Ewan McGregor was reprising his role as Obi-Wan in a D+ show back in May, and revealed both the General Hux and Rey/Palpatine twists in Rise of Skywalker months ago, we have no reason to doubt it. And besides, Disney would be foolish not to do more with Darth Maul. He’s been criminally underused throughout his time in the franchise and no matter where he shows up next, fans will surely tune in for it.