Disney Reportedly Wants Harrison Ford For Indiana Jones Streaming Show

indiana jones

Incredibly, Indiana Jones 5 is scheduled to start shooting in the spring as confirmed by longtime series producer Frank Marshall at the recent Disney Investor Day, and as of now, the final installment in the beloved franchise is still tentatively penciled in to hit theaters in July 2022, which is a very tight window for a project of such scale.

After all, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull came armed with a budget of $185 million and spent four months filming. Indy 5, meanwhile, is presumably going to be even more expensive, while leading man Harrison Ford is a dozen years older and the last we heard, the movie doesn’t even have a completed script yet as all of the key players continue to disagree over the tone, which is par for the course at this stage.

indiana jones

Indiana Jones 5 was also confirmed to be the last entry in the saga, with Marshall making it clear that as long as he’s around, nobody else will ever play the adventurous archeologist other than the legendary Ford. Steven Spielberg may be sitting the next one out having steered the ship for close to 40 years, but while fans will just about forgive a change in director, recasting the leading man is tantamount to sacrilege.

Thankfully, then, it seems that the fifth outing may not be the last we see of the actor in the role, as insider Daniel Richtman claims that Disney wants Ford to appear in a series that’s being developed for their streaming service. Further details are unclear and the tipster doesn’t say if it’s an all-new show or a reboot of The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, but as one of the Mouse House’s most valuable assets, it wouldn’t be a surprise if they wanted to continue mining the property once Indiana Jones 5 wraps up the big screen stories for good.