Secret Invasion Disney Plus Series Reportedly In The Works

Captain-Marvel-Skrulls (1)

Ever since we found out the Skrulls were being introduced into the MCU with Captain Marvel, fans have been assuming they’d be getting an adaptation of the Secret Invasion comic book event. The storyline that rocked the Marvel universe uncovered the shapeshifting aliens’ plan to infiltrate Earth, with many prominent superheroes turning out to be imposters. We’d generally imagined this would be tackled in Captain Marvel 2but the latest word is pointing to there being a Secret Invasion TV series instead.

Talk of this project first came our way via a report from Bleeding Cool last month. Now, insider Daniel Richtman has shared on his Patreon account that he’s also heard that Marvel’s developing a Disney Plus series based on the storyline. Richtman revealed that the show is expected to be with us before CM2 arrives in theaters, as it’ll lead directly into the Brie Larson-starring sequel. Secret Invasion will also apparently feature the Skrulls, the Kree and S.W.O.R.D., which is set to be introduced in WandaVision. 

If you’ll recall, in a major twist from the comics, Captain Marvel established that the Skrulls were not all bad, with Carol Danvers ultimately realizing that Talos and his people were merely refugees being persecuted by the vicious Kree. Spider-Man: Far From Home then established that Nick Fury is now in charge of a massive organization of Skrulls, which is very possibly S.W.O.R.D. Kevin Feige has teased before, though, that some Skrulls could also be bad, as their shapeshifting abilities would be “very tempting.”

Perhaps a subset of Skrulls in Fury’s organization have gone rogue then and are part of a bigger operation to take over the world. As said above, a big part of the comic event’s appeal was the twists about several heroes being Skrulls. At present, though, it’s unknown if something like this would be pulled in the Disney Plus series.

In any case, Captain Marvel 2 is believed to be releasing sometime in 2022, which means the same is likely true of the Secret Invasion adaptation. Watch this space for more.