The MCU’s New Captain America Suit May’ve Been Revealed By Merch

Captain America

Excitement is building for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, which should arrive on Disney Plus sometime in early 2021. Ongoing COVID-19 delays have affected the MCU series, but it now seems that things are back on track, with shooting having recently wrapped. Last week, we saw some official merchandise which revealed a hint of Sharon Carter’s role in the six planned episodes, and we’ve now got even more merch that provides a better look at Anthony Mackie’s new Captain America suit.

For those not aware, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier follows through on Steve Rogers’ decision at the end of Avengers: Endgame to pass the mantle on to Mackie’s Sam Wilson, aka Falcon. While the actor previously shared a black and white photo of his appearance, and we’ve had some idea of how things will come together from a toys and T-shirts, leaked shots of new products give us a clearer perspective on the suit.

Perhaps surprisingly, the items in question are branded socks showing Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes, with the former in an outfit that’s distinct from the character’s depiction in the Marvel comics. The design of the costume also seems to line up with Mackie’s Twitter post from the set, meaning that there’s a good chance that this is how Wilson’s Captain America will be presented on the D+ program. A reverse angle shows us the character’s wings as well, in a continuation of his Falcon persona.

Of course, it’s difficult to make a definitive judgment based on footwear, but they are officially licensed, and presumably had to follow guidelines of some kind. As The Direct point out, though, there could be multiple versions of the new Captain America armor, while the Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier we get also appears to be quite different from what we’ve seen elsewhere. In addition, the new images don’t show the horizontal stripes or the embedded star we’ve glimpsed on Mackie’s Cap in previous leaks.

Let’s hope, then, that a trailer for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier will be available soon, and we’ll have more to go than the various fragments that have emerged over the past few months.