Watch: Falcon And The Winter Soldier Set Video Shows The New Captain America In Action


Set photos have given us a good look at the new Captain America who’ll be debuting in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier – and, no, it’s not Sam Wilson. At least, not yet. It’s John Walker, as played by Wyatt Russell, who’ll be the government-appointed successor to Steve Rogers in the upcoming Disney Plus show. We’ve already seen him in costume and now, this new video reveals him in action.

From what we can make out in the clip above, taken during filming in Atlanta, Georgia, Walker is battling a bunch of everyday civilians. As several people have pointed out on Twitter, this may corroborate those rumors that the Madbomb – a sonic device that causes people to go insane – will feature into the plot. You can also see Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan’s title characters helping some hostages go free while Walker fights, suggesting the trio are allies by this stage.

Sam and Bucky teaming up with their rival was previously teased by a pic Stan shared on his Instagram, which featured him and Mackie posing with Russell and Cle Bennett, whose costume in the image told us that he’s playing another superhero. We’re pretty sure he’s Lemar Hoskins AKA Battlestar, Walker’s sidekick and counterpart to Bucky in the comics. He doesn’t seem to part of the brawl depicted in the above video, though.

If the Madbomb is being used to drive regular folks into a crazed frenzy, we can take an educated guess who’s behind it: Daniel Bruhl’s Zemo, who’s returning to cause problems for our heroes after he previously tore apart the Avengers in Captain America: Civil War. He’ll also have his purple hood this time around, while Zemo may be in league with a revived HYDRA as well.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is the first MCU show to hit the streaming service and is due to arrive this August.