Gina Carano Explains Why She Started Speaking Out On Social Media

Gina Carano

In this day and age, celebrities have to be extra careful about the kind of language they employ to address certain matters in society, lest they bring the wrath of folks on social media to the fore, and the subsequent backlash and ‘cancel’ campaigns that follow suit.

What actors usually do in these situations is back down from their earlier remarks and, at the very least, apologize. After all, given Hollywood’s current obsession with progressive politics, they may very well end up losing their jobs. In the case of The Mandalorian star Gina Carano, though, things haven’t been nearly as predictable as one would imagine given the status quo of conformity.

In fact, despite all the controversy that the actress has spawned over the past couple of months, ranging from absurd claims about social distancing laws in regard to COVID-19 to undermining the 2020 presidential election results, Carano has doubled down on her stances, one way or another, all the while continuing to enrage Star Wars fans to the House of Mouse’s dismay.

If you’re having a difficult time understanding the mentality behind this attitude, the actress has taken the time to properly address it in a new interview. While chatting with The Federalist, Carano revealed why she started speaking out, saying:

“The whole reason I started speaking out is because I feel like there is a large group of people that were being silenced this year and being forced to play this game of wokeism or whatever it is. No matter who you voted for, no matter who you are, I want to create a platform where everybody can have an opportunity. Everybody.”

There’ve been reports which suggest Disney isn’t too keen on the fact that Gina Carano continues to antagonize the fandom. And strangely enough, it’s said that Jon Favreau is the one protecting her from being fired.

Let’s just hope that the actress and her online followers manage to get over their current to and fro routine and find some common ground before the next season of The Mandalorian comes along.